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Cryptocurrencies are increasing in popularity day by day or say that for a few years, the unique colour of cryptocurrencies has been prevailing all over the world.

It is obvious that if crypto is famous all over the world then it must be famous in India too. So, in this article, we are discussing the best Indian cryptocurrencies which are predicted to be a promising and bright future investment for this year.

There are already over 23,092 digital currencies available in the market, making it difficult for inexperienced crypto investors to navigate. Keeping this in mind, we have researched the Indian crypto market and handpicked the best Indian cryptos. Our study findings include both well-established cryptocurrencies and developing coins with significant upside potential.

Here we mentioned a wide variety of use cases, and some are well-established Indian cryptos that look strong in 2023.


Wazirx is a utility token and the total number of supplies is 1 Billion. It is also one of India’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges, with over 15 million registered users and a 4-star app rating. Despite the opening of several new crypto exchanges and numerous scams, WazirX continues to offer one of the largest offerings in terms of coins and trading pairings such as USDT/INR, ETH/INR, and BTC/INR. Wazirx is also noted for its user-friendly design and excellent trading charts, making it popular among both beginners and seasoned traders. If we talk about safety and security features, WazirX tops the list with Gold-level certification.

Best Features of Wazirx

  • It offers advanced trading charts with powerful graphs.
  • It is highly secure, has superfast KYC, safe and lighting-speed transactions with excellent customer services.
  • Wazix exchange follows a two-factor authentication, which is the best security feature for every crypto user.
  • It is scalable and able to handle millions of transactions in just a frame of time.


Chingari is a video-sharing smartphone app. It was released on the Google Play Store in November 2018. You may use these apps to add visual effects, lip-sync, dance, or voice-over movie scenes and comic dialogues. In short, It is a social entertainment application, founded by Sumit Ghosh, and Biswatma Nayak. It’s a token known as GARI  which is counted as the world’s biggest social token. Also, some news around the crypto market is that Chingari has announced a partnership with Aptos blockchain to support its Web3 products.

Best Features of Chingari 

  • It is leading in the Web3 platform.
  • Chingari rewards GARI tokens for engaging on the app.
  • Going with the trend.
  • Just by the subscription you can double your earning so that you can earn even more.


Polygon is a blockchain platform that allows blockchain networks to connect and expand. Its main aim is to build a multi-chain blockchain environment that is accessible with Ethereum. For on-chain transaction processing, it employs a proof of stake protocol methodology similar to Ethereum. It is also known as a MATIC token. 

MATIC is a proprietary currency of Polygon. Matic is an ERC-20 token, which means it is compatible with other Ethereum-based digital currencies. Also, Polygon is used in decentralized applications such as DAO, NFTS, and Dapps.

Best Features of Polygon 

  • Its transaction processing speed is impressive.
  • It allows developers to create secure, user-friendly, and scalable DApps.
  • For long-term investors, it can provide opportunities for crypto investors to earn significant profits.

CNF Token

CNF Token brings the world an opportunity to avail early access to all upcoming and existing offerings with exclusive access. It was launched on 9th December 2021 to the world and currently serves a growing community of more than 30,000+ members.

CNF Token is a TRC-20 token that is built on TRON Blockchain and aims at solving the liquidity problem. Its main aim is to allow its users to swap TRC-20 tokens and is currently accessible to the world. Also, It is listed on top exchanges such as Koinbazar, LAToken, and SunSwap.

CNF Token could prove to be one of the best Crypto in 2023.

Best Features of CNF Token

  • It is a safe, secure, and easy-to-use platform.
  • Providing a variety of platforms such as crypto academy, own shopping store, staking business, and many more.
  • Listed on best exchanges and price tracking sites.
  • 100% Decentralised, Reliable, and Low Cost.

Gander Coin

GanderCoin is a cryptocurrency that was first introduced to the market as the First Indian Crypto Coin. It is the flagbearer of an economically decentralized peer-to-peer network that does not rely on a central authority for financial transactions, making it the safest, fastest, and simplest online way possible in society. This cryptocurrency uses Scrypt cryptography and Proof of Work as its consensus method.

Best Features of Gander Coin

  • One of the most secure networks.
  • It is a decentralized, peer-to-peer payment system that allows for seamless coin transfer.
  • GanderCoin is built with the safest hash algorithm, called Scrypt Algorithm, for better safety.


In the coming time, cryptocurrency will become an important part of everyone’s lifestyle, so we must know their knowledge. And these best Indian cryptocurrencies can be a big step towards a healthier lifestyle. Hope, these cryptos will help you in getting your investment strategy in the right way. 


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