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Ahemdabad, India, January 3rd, 2022: We all made it through 2021 with a little something for each of our lives. While it may have not been pleasant for quite a few due to the ongoing pandemic, the year was packed with challenges for us as well. While the year helped us make our mark into the crypto world with the launch of our first project, CNF Token, it also gave us the learning that we are onto something bigger than ourselves.

Our team went to groundbreaking innovative coffee sessions and a lot of brain cell work to enthuse the crypto passion for our community worldwide. In Q4 2021, we had planned the launch of our token, which we all knew was made as planned. The objective of this key post is to embark on other achievements that we all together have reached. Starting with listing on platforms like LaToken, Sun Swap exchange, CoinGecko, Coin Market Cap, and Koin Bazar. The idea was to make the project available to the masses for to consume. And while we could’ve tapped into more platforms, but our plan was to stay focused only over the few that were necessary.

Alongside the listing push, we also launched the global platform of CNF Globe for all our users across the globe. The response we received on the first day of the launch was quite overwhelming and resulted in more than five thousand signups within 24 hours. This response has filled our hearts with the much needed fuel of higher motivation and intellect to deliver better service to our community members. Our core team has streamlined over the upcoming steps of the roadmap and will keep hustling harder to achieve results at an accelerated scale. If you’ve not signed up onto the CNF Globe community, it’s high time you do as we’ll be coming soon with much better offerings and higher flexible solutions for everyone to avail.

If you’d like to know more information about our offering, please feel free to write to us on

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