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India, September 21, 2022: Jaisalmer is one of India’s most picturesque cities and it becomes even more special when you celebrate futuristic decisions with it. 

The Cryptoneur Network Foundation’s inaugural event was hosted there.

CNF had witnessed great success in its first event. Jaisalmer Tour served as a type of accomplishment award for the CNF community which decided to create futuristic opportunities. While receiving this reward, the community promised that they are capable of achieving every target.

It was a 3 days event with more than 70+ participants. Talking of the event, on the first day of the tour, the entire community experienced Camel Safari, Thar Safari, and Jeep Safari.

On the second day of the tour, the Foundation introduced the community to Indian culture with the help of Museums, Indian Religious Places, and Ancient Places.

And on the last day of the event, the community along with the foundation kept the Indian culture alive by donating cow food at the Gaushala and also tried to do their part to society by donating blankets to the needy ones.

On the last day of the tour, a conference event was organized. During the event, the Leaders presented the Foundations’ vision to the community and introduced them to the foundations’ projects. 

And it was the first event of the Cryptoneur Network Foundation which saw a huge success. Here are some glimpses of the Jaisalmer Tour/Event:

“Together CNF Globe, India’s Fastest Growing and Driven Marketing Community will achieve greater heights”. – (CEO of CNF)

About Cryptoneur Network Foundation

The Cryptoneur Network Foundation aims to build a secure, smart, and robust blockchain ecosystem. In pursuit of a vision, we have conceived many projects- CNF Token, CNF Globe, CNF Academy, and Cryptoneur Tech. Each project has its own distinct and unique identity and stands to serve a purpose.



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