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India, September 24, 2022: The CNF Delhi Summit has proved to be a very successful event for the Foundation. It was intended to bring teams and leaders together. This event took place at Radisson Blue Hotel, a renowned place in Delhi.

Through this event, CNFglobe launched a new business plan which was settled on the Staking Plan for the CNF community. To encourage and appreciate the hard work and dedication of the community, the foundation created CNFGlobe version 2.0 and paved the way for generating an income source for them through Staking Plan.

With this event, the Foundation wanted everyone attending the event to be aware of the right crypto and knowledge so that they can taste the heights of success in the future with Cryptoneur Network Foundation.

The Delhi Summit was one of the biggest successful events of CNF, in which over 350+ communities were present. Here are some highlights of the Delhi Summit 2022:

“By Staking, You have the opportunity to earn Millions of CNF, Attractive Rewards, and Benefits”. – (CEO of Cryptoneur Network Foundation)

About Cryptoneur Network Foundation

The Cryptoneur Network Foundation aims to build a secure, smart, and robust blockchain ecosystem. In pursuit of a vision, we have conceived many projects. CNF Token, CNF Globe, CNF Academy, and now Cryptoneur Tech. Each project has its own distinct and unique identity.

CNF Token is a foundation currency that allows investors and users to hold millions of tokens in their wallets. It is based on the Tron Blockchain which is called TRC 20 Token. 

CNF Academy aims to deliver quality blockchain education to young talent globally.

CNF Globe Presenting Decentralized Driven Direct Marketing Community. It is a hybrid business mixer of Smart contract and Staking Bonus Plan.

Cryptoneur Tech develops interactive experiences through technology that are engaging, immersive, unique, and scalable solutions for our clients.


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