What is CNF Globe?

Introducing the world’s first decentralized driven direct marketing community. CNF Globe aims at serving as a community-operated revenue-based solution for all its members across the planet. With over 45,000+ active members, it’s one of the fastest-growing community-led projects.

About the Project

Decentralization is actually not a new idea. The creation, assortment, dispersal, and allotment of a wide range of data in the digital domain don’t depend exclusively on public processes but more on technologies. While blockchain technology frequently utilizes decentralized networks, a blockchain application itself simply can’t be sorted as being decentralized or not. By decentralizing the administration of and admittance to assets in an application, more prominent and more pleasant assistance can be accomplished. This is the exact idea on which the complete foundation of CNF Globe is laid out.

The functioning of CNF Globe is based on transparency too. As corporations regularly trade information with their associates. This information, thus, is regularly changed and put away in each party’s information storehouses, possibly to reemerge when it requires to be passed downstream. Each time the information is modified, it opens up circumstances for the information loss or wrong information to enter the system. By having a decentralized information store, each party has a timely and shared impression of the data.

Decentralization can lessen degrees of shortcoming in frameworks where there might be an excess of dependence on explicit workers. Those who work in direct marketing or any form of network marketing, would be familiar with the problem spots. These tender spots could prompt critical failures, including the inability to give guaranteed administrations or wasteful assistance because of the weariness of assets, intermittent blackouts, bottlenecks, absence of adequate motivations for excellent service, or even, fraud.

To overcome the same challenge, decentralization can likewise help streamline the dispersion of assets. This can further guarantee services in the system. Moreover, the same would be furnished with better execution and consistency, just as a decreased probability of explosive letdown.

To sum up this in a simplified way, the decentralization in the blockchain is an information base that stores a library of resources and trades across a peer-to-peer network. This technology can be revolutionary when applied to the simple principle of direct marketing.

How it Works

Sign-up at CNF Globe

Simply head onto CNF Globe and join the fast-growing community of blockchain enthusiasts and crypto believers.

Make a Deposit

Once you’ve created your account, simply make a deposit and start growing your network influence.

Map your Growth!

Watch your hard work reap rewards for you. Gain CNF Token for each successful & verified network joined and cash out at will!

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How do I manage my account?

Once you sign up, simply login using your Tronlink wallet and see your account stats.

How much money can I make?

The amount of your income with CNF Globe depends on the number of invited people and how actively they function as network participants.

Where can I redeem my earned CNF Token?

You can cash out your reward at LaToken, SunSwap and KoinBazaar at the moment. Our team is working towards developing more cash-out options for our community members.

Is there an upper cap on total influence I can build?

Absolutely NO. We don’t limit your growth numbers, which means you can create your own fortune.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No, we don’t recommend having multiple accounts as it can lead to developing fraud influence over the network.

Do I need to link my bank account in order to use it?

No, all you need is a TronLink wallet and a basic understanding of how direct marketing works.