It all started with a small vision of,

Building the Blockchain World Truly Transparent, Efficient & Reliable

Our Story

The world is getting digital and more centralized with each passing day. But this centralized, though useful isn’t always useful. Seeing this need, mankind was introduced to the concept of decentralization, and the blockchain technology became eminent. And with this enormously beautiful technology, came the need to make it more reliable, secure, transparent, and most of all, efficient. This is what we, at Cryptoneur Network Foundation are striving for. And we tend to offer solutions that serve this purpose with each, passing, day.

In the pursuit of this vision, we have envisioned a lot of projects, but a few which are public right now include the CNF Token and CNF Globe, both of which, serve their very own unique purpose.

Our Timeline

2022 - Now
Progressing, one step at a time!
Q3 2021
We launched CNF Token & CNF Globe
2020 - 2021
CNF Token Planning
CNF Globe Planning

Why we thrive?

When the idea was started, it was mostly claimed as “crazy” by the peers around us. But even after a series of adamant criticism, our founder kept the idea floating and strengthened its presence by building a strong foundation team. This team constituted (& still is) of geniuses from all walks of life and domains, and helped the foundation be what it is today. So, to state the reason why we thrive. It’s majorly out of passion, because we believe in a truly decentralized world. As crazy it might sound to you, it isn’t that crazy! Because all you need is to look around you, and own your share of privacy rights, which always, should be your rightful right!

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